Tenuta Maiano, Montespertoli, Toscana


In a world where everything and everyone flows and runs quickly, there is a snail that, in small “steps”, but with great determination and experience, carries on a traditional and, at the same time, innovative and modern business philosophy.

The Tenuta Maiano logotype, the snail, describes the bond with the earth, stability and security. It represents proceeding in small steps, with constancy and dedication. As well as for the harvest, where the rhythms of nature must necessarily be respected. 

But the “snail” in Italy is also the name attributed to one of the most popular symbols in the technological field, because it is the separator in e-mail addresses (@). 

The pace of technology is very different, but not for this, today, the two paths cannot support each other and intertwine. The love for tradition and the creative explosion of innovation present Tenuta Maiano with a logo with a strong visual and symbolic impact.

The rhythm of Tenuta Maiano brings historical knowledge with it, combining it with creative taste with modern and current ones. A winning combination that makes the company “a whole different music”.


The passion and love for nature led Gianfranco Nigi to develop a very ambitious project: organic agriculture.


The beginning of that bond which proved inseparable between Gianfranco and BIO dates back to 1984. Onceverified the sustainability of organic agriculture in Montespertoli area, it found a result beyond expectations. The intuition was positive, as of someone who plays without a score. Now it was appropriate to put it into practice.


This possibility arose in 2000, when Gianfranco, after consolidating his experience with organic products, decided to create Tenuta Maiano, with the purchase of the first hectares of vineyard land and an olive grove in San Quirico, on the hills.


Now next goal was to diversify the production, discovering new "Terroirs". This research leads him to the acquisition of vineyards also in the municipality of Scansano, where he produces the "Morellino di Scansano D.O.C.G."


Mauro Araneo and subsequently of Stefano Nigi join the company, bringing a further wave of enthusiasm and passion that allowed Tenuta Maiano to expand and consolidate its market.

Today the company has an area of 55 hectares of vineyards and about 4500 olive trees, scattered in a leopard spot over almost the entire Montespertoli's territory. The operational structure is divided into three cellars (two for fermentation and one for storage) and two nuclei for managing the countryside. Thanks to the experience gained, Tenuta Maiano firmly refuses the aid of modern anti-cryptogamic products, fertilizers and chemical herbicides, on the contrary exploits the ancient agricultural techniques of the territory.

These treatments with copper and sulfur-based products, "green manure", organic fertilizers, soil tillage, as well as biological control against various pests are those methods which, although more expensive, allow us to guarantee the consumer a final product more genuine and with an unmistakable flavor.”

Those of nature are our Divine Rhythms.
Tenuta Maiano, a whole different music.

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Gianfranco Nigi

He graduated in agricultural science, with the aid of his agronomist father Ilario, he has been self employed since 1976. He wears glasses, but they are used as a mask: his sight allows him to see way farther than others. It’s not a case that importan decision go through his supervision. He is very creative, but systematic at the same time, he loves his cars and iPhone’s apps. Years go by, but only mathematically.

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Mauro Araneo

He graduated in agricultural science, in 2009 he goes into business with Gianfranco, and the company changes radically, both in terms of technology with the supply of new machines in the cellar and in the fields as well, and in structual terms with the purchase of new vine covered lands. Tidiness and organization are a truly vocation. He loves his couch and his Wii, he manages the works in the fields with extreme diligence, but he loves the cella ras well, especially when it is cold outside.

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Stefano Nigi

In 2010 he brings some fresh air into the complany. He graduated in vinecoloure and oenology, he takes care of the productive part, suggesting new in step in times operating methodologies in the cellar. He is curious and experimenter, he tests himself eveyday. His nose and mouth are his real analysis tools, the laboratory equipment fades in the background. You can ask him anything, except to get up early in the morning.

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Daniele Nigi

He graduated in Economics and then obtains his master’s degrees in Agricultural and Food Economics with experiences in Europe and the United States. In 2016 he accepts an exciting challenge and opens Agriturismo Borgo Divino, a tourist accomodation where clients can live in 360 degrees an enogastronomic experience of Tenuta Maiano. He is brilliant and innovative, he’s a modern dandy who loves the nightlife and travels from which he takes inspiration so that he can improve his reception services. His good taste and administrative skills are a great resource for the company. He’s a failed accountant.

                                                                holiday farm Borgo Divino - ine tastin

Wine Tasting and dinner in the barrel cellar

The Maiano Estate is a place that takes you back in time and envelops you in the scents of Chianti vines. Book a table in the barrel cellar to experience dinner and a tasting session set between the evocative old wood casks.

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